Sunday, May 18, 2008

1st State Senate 2006 Primary Results

All numbers cited are available at the State of Delaware Election Department website:

Carroll/1st Rep(201),3rdRep(6),4thRep(71),6th Rep(39)11thRep(13),TOTAL VOTES 330

Hendrix/1stRep(76),3rdRep(2),4thRep(95),6th Rep(50),11thRep(8),TOTAL VOTES 233

McDowell/1st Rep (450),3rd Rep(15)4th Rep(620),6th Rep(351),11thRep(41)TOTAL 1477

Potter/1st Rep (566),3rd Rep(13),4th Rep(243),6th Rep(116),11thRep(6),TOTAL 944

Carroll (11.1%), Hendrix (7.8%), McDowell (49.5%), Potter (31.6%) of 2984 votes cast

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