Friday, October 17, 2008

Some more thoughts on local races & turnout

The last post used examples from the Sept 2008 Democratic primary to make the argument that state legislative prmiaries might tend to drive up turnout in an area than a county council race, based on a small sample that was on the ballot in September.
The 4th & 6th State Senate races did have higher turnout that the 8th & 12th New Castle County Council district races, but there was an additional factor that might have caused this besides my contention that people may focus more on state related local races than county related races.
The 4th Senate races is for an open seat which is being vacated by State Senator Charles Copeland's run for Lt Gov. In the 6th state senate race, 2 Democrats (john McKenzie & Mike Terranova)vied to see who could attempt to unseat state senator Liane Sorenson in November, so there was no incumbent Democrat.
In both the 8th & the 12th county council races, an underfunded challenger sought to unseat a Democratic incumbent.
Maybe the fact that these seats had Democratic incumbents was a factor in keeping turnout low.

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