Sunday, November 9, 2008

Prediction Result-Nov 2008-No Blue Tsunami in the 35th Rep District:Voters Give O’Donnell a thumbs-up and Give Chaffinch, Obama & Biden a thumbs down

35th State Representative District
“I am thinking Aaron Chaffinch has an uphill climb as the Democratic candidate for the 35th Representative District.”
“I am thinking (Dave) Wilson is more likely to win.”
Posted October 27, 2008
Aaron Chaffinch did indeed have an uphill climb. Republican Dave Wilson beat him by over 1800 votes, winning each of the seven election districts in the 35th Representative District in Western Sussex County.

In the Oct 27, 2008 post I also mentioned how this district accounted for about 2.1% of the state’s registered voters in 2006, but gave Christine O’Donnell 8.1% of her 2006 US Senate write-in votes. She proved to be a crowd favorite in the 35th again, beating Joe Biden by over 600 votes and winning 5 of 7 election districts. Ray Clatworthy had beaten Biden by 406 votes in 2002 , the last time Biden was on the ballot in the 35th.

Jack Markell and Matt Denn each came within 200 votes of winning the 35th Rep District so I guess in the not too distant future a Democrat may win there, but it looks like Democrats still have some convincing to do.

Having a Delawarean on the presidential ticket did not help the Democrats in the 35th where McCain-Palin beat Obama-Biden by over 1100 votes. The 35th Rep District joined all other Sussex County Districts except the 14th (near the beaches) in voting for McCain-Palin over Obama-Biden.The 14th supported Obama-Biden 7400-6920. Overall, Sussex County Supported McCain-Palin 47,939-40,299.

01-35 (Greenwood)----------Biden 697**O'Donnell 1177
02-35 (Bridgeville)--------Biden 1467**O'Donnell 1544
03-35 (Bridgeville)--------Biden 178**O'Donnell 240
04-35(west of Georgetown)--Biden 837**O'Donnell 694
05-35(west of Georgetown)--Biden 208**O'Donnell 270
06-35(Redden)-------------Biden 331**O'Donnell 480
07-35(Ellendale)----------Biden 236**O'Donnell 228
RD Tot--------------------Biden 3954**O'Donnell 4633
State Representative
01-35-------Chaffinch 652**Wilson 1203
02-35-------Chaffinch 1312**Wilson 1684
03-35-------Chaffinch 152**Wilson 257
04-35-------Chaffinch 628**Wilson 873
05-35-------Chaffinch 179**Wilson 291
06-35-------Chaffinch 233**Wilson 570
07-35-------Chaffinch 155**Wilson 296
RD Tot------Chaffinch 3311**Wilson 5174
Obama, Democrat, 3801--McCain, Republican 4920
US Senator
Biden, Democrat, 3954--O’Donnell, Republican, 4633
US House
Hartley-Nagle,Democrat-- 2502Castle, Republican, 5801
Markell, Democrat, 4183--Lee, Republican, 4326
Denn, Democrat,4129--Copeland, Republican,4236
Stewart,Democrat,3527-- Brady, Republican, 4617
Sussex County
Fuller,Democrat,3626-- Parish, Republican 4611

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