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Campaign Finance Reports for 2007 Special Elections May Give A Hint At The Money Involved in the 6th Rep District Special Election 12-20-2008

As we approach the deadline for filing the campaign finance report that is required 8days before the December 20, 2008 special election in the 6th Representative District, let’s look at the 8 day filings from the four special elections for legislative seats in Delaware in 2007. It does not tell what is raised and spent to actually win a campaign because a lot of financial activity happens within the last few days before & after election day, but it gives a hint of what the first 3 weeks of a 30 day campaign consume in money.

7th State Representative District-election held April 14, 2007
James Bowers (R)--8 day filing from 3-6-2007 to 4-6-2007
Beginning balance-zero
Total receipts-$68,159.85
Loans from candidate-$10,000
Bryon Short (D)-8 day filing from 3-12-2007 to 4-9-2007
Beginning balance -zero
Total receipts-$43,811.00
In-kind receipts $749.58, In-kind expenditure $749.58
Loans from candidate $400.98
41st State Representative District -election held May 5, 2007
Greg Hastings (R) 8 day filing report 4-2-2007 to 4-27-2007
beginning balance-zero
Total receipts-$33,401.00
Loans from the candidate-$7500
Total expenditures -$35,585.58
Lynn Bullock (D) 8 day filing report 4-4-2007 to 4-27-2007
beginning balance-zero
Total receipts $37,725.00
Total expenditures- $24,309.63
John Burton (I) 8 day report 4-3-2007 to 4-30-2007
beginning balance-zero
Expenditures $1131.73
John Atkins (write-in)
no finance report was on the election commissioner's website filed by a committee,but an independent expenditure filing was posted by a supporter who bought a campaign ad

14th State Senate-election held on November 3, 2007
Joanne Christian (R ) 8 day filing from 9-30-2007 to 10-26-2007
Beginning balance -zero
Total Receipts-$22,350
In-Kind Receipts $49.20 ,In -kind expenditure of $49.20
Loans from candidate $5000
Spent $21, 323.04
Bruce Ennis (D) 8 day filing from 9-27-2007 to 10-26-2007
Beginning balance -zero
Total receipts-$42,915.00
In-kind receipts $600, In-kind expenditure of $600
Loans from candidate -zero
Expenditures $22,876.35
Expense reimbursements $3,515.60

28th Representative District-election held December 8, 2007
Christine Malec (R) 8 day report from 11-1-2007 to 11-30-2007
Beginning balance-zero
Total receipts-$10,200.00
Loan from candidate- $1,927.60
William Carson (D) 8 day report from 10-23-2007 to 11-30-2007
Beginning balance-zero
Total receipts-$28,240.00
Loans from candidate $4,000

NOTE # 1-The beginning filing dates may be different for competing candidates because candidates can not begin raising or spending money until they have filed with the elections department and in a special election a major party election candidate is selected by his or her party. The difference in begin dates may reflect the varied amounts of time it takes for a party committee to organize a meeting and build consensus around a nominee.
Note # 2- In-kind contribution is some thing or service that has a dollar value that was donated. Where the in-kind donation is received and expended it may be a good received and it's value utilized by the campaign. An example is State Senator Bruce Ennis had a pig donated 10-25-2007 for a pig roast as an in-kind-donation, but when the pig was roasted it became an in-kind expenditure.

After clicking on the link above, click on "View Reports Online" to view any campaign finance reports available

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