Thursday, April 30, 2009

E-Focus group survey of MD 2008 school board candidates on the implications of HB 117

Based on the assumption that Delawareans had opinions on school board elections on general election day and Marylanders have actual experience with school board elections being held on general election day , I emailed 92 Maryland 2008 school candidates with a five question survey .

As of April 30, 2009 I have had 9 emails that were not deliverable. This may be due to spam filters. It could also be that some candidates set up email addresses for the election and are not now checking those email accounts almost 6 months after the election.

I have had responses from three candidates who have not yet answered the survey and we have been playing telephone & email tag. Complete responses with answers to survey questions have been received from 16 candidates.
At week's end I will review the completed responses I have received and as soon as possible provide some analysis of the responses ,along with some of my thoughts about the answers.

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