Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Reader asked if Md school board members get a salary. They do.Delaware school board members don't.

From a Maryland online newspaper:
The Herald-Mail
Annapolis Notes
School board members salaries could be raised
The Maryland General Assembly is considering a bill that would raise the salaries of members of the Washington County Board of Education.
The House of Delegates Ways and Means Committee heard the bill last week. No action was taken.
The bill, which is sponsored by the Washington County delegation to the General Assembly, would raise the annual salary for the school board president to $6,200 from $5,600.
School board members would receive $6,100 — a raise from the current salary of $5,500.
The pay raises would not take effect until all of the current terms of office expire.


Connie Merlet, a former Christina School District board member, explains the pay situation for Delaware board members-they don't get a salary:

"In Delaware there is no pay. Most districts pay for members to go to conferences, although all have different policies on how and whether they are going to pay for those. There's the National conference every April and districts usually send one to 5 members. It's expensive ($2000/ board member) so it depends on how much money the district has available. There are smaller conferences too, and boards vote on whether they can afford it. Most boards set an amount into the budget each year. But no pay.Other states. Lots of other states have boards that get paid. Usually the big southern consolidated districts. Some pay a marginal amount- like $5000 so members can take time off from their regular job for daytime board duties (in Christina we used to plan groundbreakings and stuff for 5 pm because every board member when I was on the board worked), others get paid real money- one of the mid-west board members I talked to- Illinois, maybe?- got like $38,000! "

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