Tuesday, October 27, 2009

History may have been kinder to Jefferson & Jackson than Delaware was

The Delaware State Democratic Committee is proud to have Bill Clinton as their speaker at the annual Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner on Nov 10th. Their website indicates the event is sold out:


I thought this might be a time to research how Delaware treated Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson when they were on the ballot. It looks like Delaware was a disappointment to both of them

Thomas Jefferson was elected president twice and vice-president once. He was on the presidential ballot four times:
1792 ,1796,1800 and 1804. Over those four elections he received no electoral votes from Delaware . In 1800 the electoral college balloting ended in a tie between Jefferson and Aaron Burr.
The decision of who would be president was settled in the US House of Representatives. There were 16 states at the time. Jefferson won the votes of 10 states, Burr won four states and two states abstained. Delaware was one of the abstaining states.


Andrew Jackson was on the presidential ballot in 1824,1828 and 1832.He won the presidency in 1828 and 1832 after losing to John Quincy Adams in 1924. He did not receive any electoral votes during any of these elections.


These are not the only presidents of note to be slighted by Delaware's electors.
Abraham Lincoln did not get any Delaware electoral votes in either of his presidential victories in 1860 or 1865.


At least when it comes to the 1800s we can not say "so went Delaware, so went the nation".

For more on the presidential election of 1800 see:
"Adams Vs. Jefferson, The Tumultuos Election of 1800" by John Ferling

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