Saturday, September 20, 2008

BlogPrediction Results-2008 Delaware Democratic Primary

Turnout was predicted at 20% statewide-actual turnout was 28 %, but turnout was not consistent throughout the ballot as people chose not to vote in all races.
Governor’s race 73,961 (27.8% turnout)
Insurance Commissioner’s race 66,062 ( 24.8% turnout)
US Representative 64,996 ( 24.4% turnout)
Total Democratic registration-266,381

County Offices
County Executive-predicted Coons would win at least 60%, he won with 64.8% of the vote.
County Council President -predicted Clark would win with at least 55% , he won with 57.3% of the vote.
8th County Council District-predicted Cartier would win with at least 55%, he won 64.6% of the vote.
12th County Council District-predicted Bell would win, he won 65.3% of the vote.

Wilmington City Council At-Large- predicted voters would cast between 1.9 and 2.2 votes per person of their 3 possible votes.
On 9-9-2008 10,199 Wilmington residents voted in the mayor’s race . 23,927 voted in the at-large city council, meaning the average voter cast 2.3 of a possible 3 votes in the at-large race.


Shirley Vandever said...

Pretty good job ! But dang, I didn't realize voter turnout was so lame.

I wonder why people don't choose to vote.

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