Sunday, June 28, 2009

Relative Vote Numbers Weight Between the 4 Rep Districts whose portions create the 19th State Senate District remained constant since 2002

While past performance is no guarantee of future performance the relative weights of each of the four representative district which have portions that comprise the 19th State Sen District supplied roughly the same percentage of the district total each of the four elections held since the 2002 reapportionment created the current 19th State Senate District.

Relative turnout is less predictable in a special election,but if this trend remains constant it could impact the outcome of the upcoming special election.Who controls what geography is always important,but when it looks lopsided enough to favor a specific area contestants must either get their fair share from that area or significantly drive up their numbers elsewhere.

Total votes cast--------------18,656
35th Rep District--- Votes cast 8350-- percentage of Sen
36th Rep District--- Votes cast 4988-- percentage of Sen
37th Rep District--- Votes cast 3604---percentage of Sen
39th Rep District--- Votes cast 1714---percentage of Sen

Total votes cast------------- 9294
35th Rep District-- Votes cast 4057--percentage of Sen Dist total--43.7%
36th Rep District-- Votes cast 2305--percentage of Sen Dist total--24.8%
37th Rep District-- Votes cast 2042-- percentage of Sen Dist total--22.0
39th Rep District-- Votes cast 890---percentage of Sen Dist total-- 9.5%

Total votes cast ------------15,161
35th Rep District-- Votes cast 6656-- percentage of Sen Dist total--43.9%
36th Rep District-- Votes cast 3712-- percentage of Sen Dist total-- 24.5%
37th Rep District-- Votes cast 3212--percentage of Sen Dist total-- 21.2%
39th Rep District-- Votes cast 1576-- percentage of Sen Dist total --10.4%

Total votes cast ----------10,052
35th Rep District-- Votes cast 4210--percentage of Sen Dist total--41.9%
36th Rep District-- Votes cast 2446--percentage of Sen Dist total--24.3%
37th Rep District-- Votes cast 2364--percentage of Sen Dist total--23.5%
39th Rep District-- Votes cast 1032--percentage of Sen Dist total--10.3%

In 2008 & 2004 there was no contest for the 19th State Senate seat so the numbers used were voter turnout numbers from the State Election Commissioner’s website AGP (Age,Group Party) report.



The results for the 19th State Senate race in 2002 & 2006 come from the State Election Commissioner’s election archive


Nancy Willing said...

Gee John, your wife isn't at all what we needed on the council. I intend to ask for a meeting with her to ask her how on earth she can comment on WFH as she has done. I would like to interview her to see what she knows about land use. Because my suspicion is that she knows nothing. Yet she would slam the good people in the Civic League because George and Paul and Pen told her too?

RUBBER STAMP???? $#30K to elect this???

Nancy Willing said...

I just finally reached Lisa, your phone rang and rang and rang yesterday so I didn't think I would ever get a chance to speak with her if you didn't even have an answering machine to receive a message.

We spoke at length about issues between land use and government in NCC and many of the specifics about what WFH is, how it got to be and how much it will cost everyone in Delaware if left as is.

So, thanks Lisa. I am assembling the packet you requested and I am very much looking forward to our meeting at the Newark Library.

I am sure you have passed on my apology to John for using this method of trying to reach my councilperson when there was no phone answering device available at the time.

Hope you get your computer problems straightened out.

John Tobin said...

Hi Nancy,
I'm glad you were able to talk with Lisa. Sorry about the answering machine problem. I think it was a 6 hour problem ,you just happened to call during that 6 hours. Sorry for any inconvenience or confusion.