Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In New Castle County it's not just more people,it's increasing turnout percentages

Tom Wagner is the only currently seated statewide elected official to have won an election and lost New Castle County in the last five election cycles. I thought I would look at how turnout has changed in New Castle County over the last three nonpresidential elections.

Below are the numbers from the New Castle County Board of Election website.

In 2006 all of the Republicans statewide except US Rep.Mike Castle lost New Castle County.Only Castle and Tom Wagner won statewide. The Republican candidates for US Senate,treasurer and attorney general lost.

In 2002 the entire slate except Castle and Tom Wagner lost New Castle County. Castle, Tom Wagner and attorney general Jane Brady were each re-elected,but the Republican US Senate candidate and treasusrer's candidate were each defeated statewide by at least 15 percentage points .

It does not look promising for the Republicans statewide in 2010 unless they can change the voting trend or win by close to a 2-1 margin in Kent & Sussex Counties which is roughly what Wagner did in 2006 .

Registered voters------------/307,802-------338,301----------353,834

People who voted------------/114,870-------146,907----------161,932

% of Registered voters voted/37.32%--------43.42%-----------45.76%


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